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Skill Based Curriculum Planning

The 3-day training program includes:


  • Fundamentals of Skill-Based Approach to Curriculum
  • Integrating HOTS - Creativity and Critical Thinking Skills into the Curriculum

Program Objectives and Overview:

 The emerging challenges of nurturing these skills are:  

  • What are the fundamental blocks of honing Creativity and Critical Thinking Skills?
  • How to embed these essential skills in every activity of the school curriculum?
  • How to empower teachers to incorporate these seamlessly in the academic processes

This 3-day training is interwoven around the basics of “Critical Pedagogy” which aims at empowering educators with a deeper understanding of the core concepts of creativity and critical thinking skills.  The precise objective of this training would be a focus on mastering the essential skill of framing questions and how it helps the teachers to turn a simple activity into a thought-provoking experience leading to an exploratory action thereby enhancing HOTS.        

 Key Takeaways from this Session:

 The participants will be able to:

  • Develop a greater understanding of creative and critical thinking skills as applicable to various disciplines.
  • Collate subject-specific ideas for the application of creativity and critical thinking skills.
  • Create and share lesson plans interweaving creativity and critical thinking skills in subject-specific plans.

 Workshop Organizer:  Super Teacher Edureforms 

 Facilitator- Ms. Veena Raizada, Educational Consultant 

Ms. Veena Raizada is an educational professional with highly diverse nature of assignments in 40+ years of teaching & administrative experiences with a decade into digital content creation and technology application.

As Founder Principal of three educational institutions, she has proven her leadership skills to turn visions into a reality. She gained professional expertise through training programs at IIM Ahmedabad. Lucknow, IIT Delhi, IDiscoverI the premier training institutions of India 

A Passionate Educator, CBSE-Resource Trainer conducting training sessions on _Innovative pedagogy approaches in teaching, diagnostic assessments, the art of transforming LE, empowering leadership and stakeholders. 

Certificate: Participants will receive a certificate by SuperTeacher Edureforms

Note: To be eligible to receive the certificate, participants much attend a complete 3-day program

Venue: On Zoom

Date and Time: 25th Jan 2021 at 4 PM - 6 PM

Price: Rs. 1499/- (For Individual), Rs 1399 (For Group of 5-19 Teachers), Rs 1199 (20+ Group of Teachers)

Contact : 6302394897

For Individual

1-5 participants

Duration :3 days
Price :1499
For Group

5-19 Participants

Duration :3 days
Price :1399
For Schools

20 + Participants

Duration :3 days
Price :1199