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Super School Leader Certification (SSL)

Welcome to the dedicated one leadership training program, carefully fine tuned for the school leaders like the principal, vice principal, head of the department, administrators and for the teachers who are aspiring to be the leaders. The program offers the provision for the leaders to achieve dual certification, viz. the first from NCSL (National Centre for School Leadership) by NIEPA (National Institute of Educational Planning and Administration), Govt of India and the second from SuperTeacher Edureforms Pvt Ltd. thus accounting for the complete 50 hours of Continuous Professional Development (CPD) for the AY 2023-24 for the leaders. 

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Duration :30 Hours
Price : 25000
Skill Based Curriculum Planning

The world economic forum, in its most recent “Future of Jobs” report, identifies critical thinking as one of the in-demand skills for the current and future economy. NEP 2020 also focuses on developing creativity and critical thinking skills, aimed at preparing today's learners for real-world challenges. 
This module gives a unique insight on how to incorporate Creativity and Creativity Thinking as the meta-objective of your teaching plan.

Duration :3 days
Price : 1499
Mission E-Guru 2021

21 hours very exciting course for teachers on 360 empowerment on Online and Hybrid Classroom with powerful skills on Authentic and Genuine E-Assessment, Student Engagement Platforms, Immersive Technology in Education - AR & VR, Simulation and Virtual Labs, and much more.





Duration :21 Hours
Price : 2499
Certificate course on creating Competency based assessments

It's a 3-Day Certificate course for Teachers on New Scheme of  Examination for 2021-22 Academic Year. A huge change has been done both in the exam pattern and in the nature of Exam Questions. Many things are completely new to the teacher community. This program makes you capable of facilitating a smoother transition to the new examination scheme.




Duration :3 Days
Price : 999
Mastery Certificate Course On Open Educational Resources and Web Mining Techniques For Teachers

Throw out text-bookish and rote approach teaching. Take advantage of the most authentic and effective open educational educational resources in the web. Ransack bonanza of best educational contents high end animations, virtual labs and simulations, and applications. Smart

applications that allow students to do lab-work virtually at home.



Duration :1 Days (3 Hours)
Price : 399
Certificate Course On Learning Management System and Cloud Schooling

We have already switched to either virtual schooling or hybrid schooling mode. Take incharge of the management of the learning of your students in your hands. This course trains you with the ins and outs of the Open Learning Management System to manage learning, lessons, resources, assessments and assignments most comfortably. 




Duration :1 Days (3 Hours)
Price : 399
Mastery Course On Video Conferencing Tools and Virtual Classroom Management

1-day course on making the best of Video Conferencing Tool for your virtual classroom. There are undiscovered smart features which can be used to make the classes creative and effective in terms of class implementation. SuperTeacher Training focuses on making you comfortable with these tools and features so

you focus more on the delivery and the implementation be smooth.


Duration :1 Days (3 Hours)
Price : 499
Certificate Course on Effective E-Assessment Strategies in Education

2-days course on effective e-assessment strategies in education.

In this Covid-Times Schooling the Adequate Assessment has emerged as the biggest challenge. It’s not time to lose time by beating around the bush. Find the proper solution with this course. Equip yourself with skill, tools and techniques to make your E-Assessment most authentic and effective.


Duration :2 days
Price : 799
SuperTeacher's Effective Pedagogy Upskilling Program

Don't you think it's high time to UNLEARN the decade-old educational methods & take up a new set of Pedagogical Skills emphasized by NEP 2020?

If Yes, it's time to STEP UP your Educational strategy. 

SuperTeacher brings a unique course for you - STEP-UP (SuperTeacher's Effective Pedagogy Upskilling Program). It's a 14-Hour Online Certification Course to equip you with a new set of pedagogical skills that you need to master to lead and excel in view of rapidly transforming education.

Duration :14 Hours
Price : 6999
Certificate Program on Effective Inclusion of Artificial Intelligence into Curriculum

To empower teachers with Coding and relevant skills, we SuperTeacher Edureforms Pvt Ltd offer an Online Certificate Program on Effective Inclusion of Coding into Curriculum for Teachers. 

The course includes: 

  • Hands-on with coding
  • Hands-on with Machine Learning
  • An Interdisciplinary approach with AI
  • Artificial Intelligence vs Machine Learning vs Deep Learning

Duration :6 days
Price : 2549

Program Overview:

  • Introduction to Scratch
  • Introduction to App Development
  • Exploring
  • Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
  • Introductory Course on Python
  • Introduction to Javascript (With HTML)



Duration :7 Days
Price : 7500
SuperTeacher Continuous Professional Development Program - A Certification Program for Teachers

SuperTeacher offers Step Up - Academic Excellence Program, a research based Continuous Professional Development Program for school teachers and leaders.
It is a 25-hour program starting from 8th June to 23rd June 2023.
The workshop is designed to enable the teachers’ learn and upskill their potential in the areas of Pedagogy, Curriculum, Assessment, Technology and Soft skills.
The teachers could use the certification as evidence to have completed their 25 hours mandatory CPD as per the policies mentioned by Govt of India.

Duration :25 Hours
Price : 5000