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About Us

SuperTeacher Edureforms Pvt Ltd is a team of seasoned academicians and educators, united under the belief that there should be no hard line between academic skills and real-life skills. SuperTeacher Team is dedicated to provide educational services and support aligned to 21st-century requirements. It leaves no stone unturned to create the best possible experience and value for their clients. As a result, SuperTeacher Edureforms has successfully conducted high-quality training for their clients, who are teachers and students from more than 550 schools from India, South-East Asia, Africa, North America and the Middle East.

It was founded under the core principles of competency-based learning and interdisciplinary approach in coding, physical computing and STEM / STEAM education. SuperTeacher is backed by a well-designed curriculum, scientific assessment framework and a team of talented academicians and trainers.

Super Teacher Edureforms Pvt Ltd has trained over 20,000 students on Computer Programming, App/Web/Game Development, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and Drone Technology : and the count is still growing!