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Certificate Program on Effective Inclusion of Artificial Intelligence into Curriculum

To empower teachers with Coding and relevant skills, we SuperTeacher Edureforms Pvt Ltd offer an Online Certificate Program on Effective Inclusion of Coding into Curriculum for Teachers.

The course includes: 

  • Hands-on with coding

  • Hands-on with Machine Learning

  • An interdisciplinary approach with AI

  • Artificial Intelligence vs Machine Learning vs Deep Learning



(Why so much emphasis on AI?)

This time of Schooling is an age of Learning by Doing, it’s an age of ‘algorithmization of the learned knowledge’. The persistence of many unsolved global issues and the increasing trend of automation in the problem solving itself has created a need to nurture a new set of skills in the coming generations. The most over-arching skill from this set is Artificial Intelligence. Various government agencies including NITI Ayog are trying hard to ‘soft-infuse’ these skills in the young generation.

This module provides a smooth start-off of Coding and AI for educators having little or no technical knowledge. It also provides an understanding of the Roadmap for the inclusion of AI into the curriculum at the school level and the expectations from the Policy Makers.

Coverage: Introduction to computer programming, coding vs programming, what is Artificial Intelligence (AI) and what it is NOT, Why AI is so crucial (in reference to NITI Ayog, NCF and Position Papers), CBSE Roadmap for integration of AI into the curriculum.

            Artificial Intelligence vs Machine Learning vs Deep Learning, Domains of AI: Computer Vision, Data, NLP

Number of sessions - 2 (Each Session 1 hour)



(What exactly is Artificial Intelligence?)

As the implementation of AI at the school level is no longer ONLY ICT teachers’ cup of tea. A collective approach is needed for it. This module allows you to gain basic coding skills and AI skills, even though you don’t have any prior knowledge of coding. 

Here you get Hand On experience with Fundamentals of Coding, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning.


Hands-On with Coding: Terms, commands, and functions common in various programming languages. Sequencing the commands. Chronology in program and Parallelism. Events, Mathematical and Text Operators, Variables, Loops, Conditionals, Logical Operators.

Hands-On with Machine Learning: Machine Learning - Supervised - Unsupervised - Reinforced, Machine Learning Models. Exposure to Deep Learning, Neural Network, System Maps, Decision Tree, Problem Scoping, AI Ethics

Number of sessions - 10 (Each Session 1 hour)



(How do we integrate AI into the school curriculum)

The implementation of AI is far different than the implementation of usual ICT subjects. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a Cognitive Science and the history of its evolution suggests that it has grown out of the knowledge derived from disciplines such as Science, Mathematics, Philosophy, Sociology, Computing, and others. Hence, it is fair for any education system to recognize the importance of integrating AI Readiness to maximize learning across other disciplines. As AI is interdisciplinary in nature and it has to be implemented that way. This module walks you through the roadmap designed by CBSE for the effective implementation of AI.


Coverage: Interdisciplinary approach with AI, AI Project Cycle, 4W model for Problem Scoping, HandsOn experience of AI+X Model ( X ~ Languages, Science, Maths, Social Sciences, Earth Sciences), AI + single subject, AI + Multiple Subjects, Framework for AI integration in the school curriculum, Keystone Project on AI Implementation.

Number of sessions - 6 (Each Session 1 hour)

Who can attend this course : 

  • ICT / CS Teachers
  • Subject Teachers ( Maths, Science, Social, Linguistics)
  • Coordinators
  • School Leaders

Requirements during the Session:

  • Desktop computers / Laptop computers
  • High-Speed Internet connections
  • Certificate
  • “New dimensions of skills and confidence”

Available Batch(es):

Monday, June 6th, 2022