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Milestone Course on Computer Programming (For Grade 9,10,11 and 12)

Current era is the era of big-data. The nations with strong hold on big data, AI, automation and robotics will rule the world. Regardless of the future career paths, exposing the kids of this age to machine learning, neural networks, natural language processing, big data, robotics, evolutionary computation is really important. This course will do the same.  This provides a comprehensive exposure to design thinking, python, Google app script, web development, Artificial Intelligence, data science and robotics.

Level D1

Introduction to Coding and Artificial Intelligence


Artificial Intelligence is the most promising area in technology that can solve the biggest problems in human society. This is the reason Artificial Intelligence is rapidly being adopted in university as well as school curricula across the world. Artificial Intelligence is the umbrella term which encompasses Machine Learning, Big Data, Robotics, Evolutionary Computation, Neural Networks, and Natural Language Processing. 

Exposing children to Artificial Intelligence from an early age develops their ability to observe, analyze and make well-informed decisions. It teaches them to solve real world problems with augmentation of technology.

             The DaVinci Lab Team has effectively designed “Introduction to Artificial Intelligence” by using the best platforms available to make the topic relevant and suitable for the cognitive maturity of the kids. We are offering this course for grade 6 onwards.


Basics of Computer Programming. Introduction to Artificial Intelligence, Understanding AI devices, Understanding machine learning, teachable machines, Block Based programming with Javascript - overview, making a chatbot - logic and algorithm, function and it’s customization, Logical Operators, object dictionaries, conditionals, loops, basics of Natural Language Processing.

Creating and Using ML, ML HandsOn, Making Dynamic AI model, Creating and Using external API in AI programs.

Learning Objectives:


  • Explain the concepts of Artificial Intelligence
  • Identify potentials of AI technology in Human lives
  • Create programs based on AI principles
  • Differentiate among AI, ML and DL.
  • Design a chatbot
  • Plan out an AI application and make flowchart for it’s algorithm
  • Make use of mathematical operators in the program
  • Manipulate the user data and make the AI program use it.
  • Explain concepts of NLP.
  • Making use of NLP extensions
  • Make use of system functions.
  • Customise function and use it in programs
  • Explain types of AI models
  • Make use of AI models


Note: The given program has been designed to make kids AI-Ready as per the vision of NCERT, which is considered as the heart of Indian Education System which pumps a stream of latest research, findings, models and frameworks to help educationists and educational organizations.

DaVinci Lab Programs and Assessments are aligned with CSTA Standards (Computer Science Teachers Association Standards, US). Consistent with the New Education Policy 2020, the course is completely compatible with the cognitive maturity of various age groups and caters for various stages: Middle and Secondary Stages.

Level D2

Artificial Intelligence with Python


This course provides the learners a very good platform to learn and develop industrial skills on Python. They gain a deeper understanding of Data Handling, Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing using Python Text based Coding.


Using Python IDEs: Pycharm, Anaconda; Syntax overview of Python, Comments, Data types, Variables, Casting, Strings, Numbers, Booleans, Mathematical and Logical operations, Lists tuples and Sets, Loops and JSON. NLP using Anaconda IDE, Concept of Neural Network, Model generation using IDE. Capstone AI programs.

Level D3

Mastery Course On Javascript and



Part A: Basics of Web-Development


This course is an introduction to HTML, which is dominantly used to design websites and user interfaces in many applications. With respect to Text-Based Programming, HTML is considered to be ‘the gateway course’ as it is easy as compared to others. The easy and scientific approach of this course provides a smooth transition from Block-Based Coding to Text-Based Coding. 


Components of websites, tour to a typical program for a website, getting familiar with a syntax based programming, Planning a page, Divisions, Headings, Paragraphs, Intellectual property and images, Styling with CSS- Syntax, Linking, Style elements, Classes, Linking the pages, Standard review process and debugging.

Part B: Mastery Course On Javascript


JavaScript is the most popular programming language in the world, used by a majority of websites to regulate their internal operations. It also makes the websites more attractive and dynamic, and is also one of the easiest programming languages to learn with respect to text-based programming languages. This gives you a unique opportunity to leverage the true potential of JavaScript.


Styling with CSS- Syntax, Linking, Style elements, Classes, Objects, Functions, Events, String, Operators, Numbers and Arrays. Js Loops, Switches and Conditions. Games with JS. Dynamics web pages and animations using JS.



  • Complete Attention through the session and through out the course.
  • Customised Assessment and Analytical Report.
  • Teaching process based on the principles of Competency based Education .
  • Free entry to National Coding Olypiad. 
  • 12 Sessions of Bootcamp.

50 Live Sessions  in Total. Every Week - Two Sessions.


One Teacher to one student

Price: 47999 INR Only


One Teacher to three students

Batch of three students.
Individual students can register.

Price: 34999 INR Only



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