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SuperTeacher Continuous Professional Development Program - A Certification Program for Teachers

As per CBSE notification (Notification NO 16/2021) every school should ensure that all the teachers must participate in at least 50 hours of Continuous Professional Development (CPD) program. Out of these 50 hours, 25 hours shall be completed by the teachers in the programs organized by the Board or by the State Government or Govt. Regional Teacher's Training Institutions and schools shall organize the remaining 25 hours of CPD in collaboration with the School Complex of CBSE or in - house Programs.

SuperTeacher offers Step Up - Academic Excellence Program, a research-based Continuous Professional Development Program for school teachers and leaders.

Duration: 25 hours

Next Batch Dates: 26th February 2024 to 12th March 2024

Schedule: 5 pm to 7 pm

The workshop is designed to enable the teachers’ learn and upskill their potential in the areas of Pedagogy, Curriculum, Assessment, Technology and Soft skills.
The teachers could use the certification as evidence to have completed their 25 hours mandatory CPD.

The course is designed a framework developed by SuperTeacher, known as GT4U (Golden Tetrahedron Model) which is structured into 5 modules:

  • Module 1 - Understanding the Curriculum
  • Module 2 - Upskilling the pedagogy
  • Module 3 - Upgrading the assessment
  • Module 4 - Utilizing the technology
  • Module 5 - Soft Skills

The modules would cover areas such as,

  1. Competency-Based Education (CBE) Education system
  2. Implementation of CBE based on PISA competencies
  3. Art of creating Learning Objectives and Bloom's Taxonomy
  4. Effective Lesson Planning methodologies
  5. Art and science of drafting assessment items based on CBE
  6. AI and technology inclusion within the pedagogy and the curriculum
  7. Soft Skills like Social and Emotional learning, communication and presentation skills

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