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Introduction to Scratch


Built on the core principles of creative computing, Introduction to Coding using Scratch is most suitable for the kids gearing up with Coding. With block-based approach on programming this Course gives a unique opportunity to learners to express their imagination and creativity. This module for teachers will provide an opportunity to explore the fundamental concepts common in various programming languages. This also enables teacher to train their students to use this platform to algorithmize their learnings from the various curricula. 


  • Introduction to Block Based Programming Language - Scratch
  • Stepwise and Logical Thinking
  • Computational thinking.
  • Using Commands to Program a Character
  • Programming Multiple Characters for Mutual Interaction
  • Using Loops and Conditions
  • Creating Games, Animations and Interactive Stories


Spatial movement commands, Appearance commands - background, sprite, costume, clone, behavior specifications, and animations. 

Introduction to App Development


This module is designed in such a way that any student without prior coding knowledge can get started with it. It includes the basics of coding and then further proceeds with Problem Solving and App Development.

App development activities for kids are a great way to give platform discover and develop problem-solving abilities in them. This course is a good way to get started with App Development. They learn to design apps using a block-based platform built on JavaScript. The Apps respond to the user interactions. This gives them an opportunity to make use of the multiple sensors available in their mobile phones and to convert their mobiles into scientific tools.


Basics of Computer Programming. App Design Interface, UI and UX, Multiple Screens apps, Basic principle of Colors, Color Sleuth, User inputs, Events,  Buttons, Variables, Conditional statements- IF, IF Else, Logical statements, Test and Iteration, Spatial Interaction Programming and Event-driven programming.

Testing the applications, Debugging, Using advanced extensions, Best practices for project development and tracking, Smart Flow Diagram

Exploring Code.Org


In this module, we teachers will explore as a platform of multiple coding platforms. Starting from Play Lab to Sprite Lab, Game Lab, App Lab and Web Lab the teacher will explore this coding platform in context to classroom implementation.


Drawing simple Shapes, parameters, variables, randomization, sprite creation, Text and Labels, Draw Loops, keyboard and mouse input, sprite movement and reaction, conditionals, coordinates, velocity, collisions, functions, and loops for complex sprite movement and reaction.

Introduction to Artificial Intelligence


Artificial Intelligence is the most promising area in technology that can solve the biggest problems in human society. This is the reason Artificial Intelligence is rapidly being adopted in the university as well school curricula across the world. Artificial Intelligence is the umbrella term that encompasses Machine Learning, Big Data, Robotics, Evolutionary Computation, Neural Networks, and Natural Language Processing. 

Exposing children to Artificial Intelligence from an early age develops their ability to observe, analyze and make well-informed decisions. It teaches them to solve real-world problems with the augmentation of technology.

             This module will take a comprehensive look at basics of Artificial Intelligence and simplistic Hands-On experience.


Introduction to Artificial Intelligence, Understanding AI devices, Understanding machine learning, teachable machines, Block-Based programming with Javascript - overview, making a chatbot - logic and algorithm, function and its customization, Logical Operators, object dictionaries, conditionals, loops, basics of Natural Language Processing.

             Creating and Using ML, ML HandsOn, Making Dynamic AI model, Creating and Using external API in AI programs.

Introductory Course On Python


Python is rapidly becoming popular due to its minimalized syntax, which renders it effective for use in the most promising technologies of the future: Artificial Intelligence and Data Science. This module takes a unique hybrid approach towards python programming. Learners start with a Block-Based platform for Python and gradually move to Text-Based Syntax. This module allows teachers to provide a smoother start off of text-based coding.


Mathematical operations, Logical statements, Input, Display. Creating, Structuring, Amending Data, List, Sets, Variables, Loops, Defining a function, Class, advanced mathematical expressions, Using turtle, Graphs, Importing and using Time, math, random, Introduction to python syntax with Turtle, debugging block-based python program, Debugging text-based python program, Using Python terminal on the PC.

Introduction to Big Data, Advantageous use of Python in Data Science, Overview of AI, making simple AI projects using python.

Introduction to Javascript (with HTML)


JavaScript is the most popular programming language in the world, used by a majority of websites to regulate their internal operations. It also makes the websites more attractive and dynamic and is also one of the easiest programming languages to learn with respect to text-based programming languages. Most of the block-based coding platforms are built on JavaScript. Many niche programming languages like Google Script etc also use JavaScript syntactic construct. This module gives a brief exposure to JavaScript and its implementation in the classroom.


Components of websites, tour to a typical program for a website, getting familiar with syntax-based programming, Planning a page, Divisions, Headings, Paragraphs, Intellectual property and images, Styling with CSS- Syntax, Linking, Style elements, Classes, Linking the pages, Standard review process and debugging.

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